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Studies and execution of:

» Environmental impacts for the development of any engineering project
» Environmental auditing for: industries, urbanizations, industrial parks, highways, tourist complex.
» Consulting and studies of the environmental effect of specific pollutants
» Consulting and studies of the final solid waste disposition

Management of Solid Remainders

» Minimization of its generation until all the phases of the classification, separation, harvesting,    transport and final disposition.

» Harvesting, methods, equipment and costs.

Handling of Dangerous Remainders

» Identification of the production of dangerous remainders, their    transport and its uses or final disposition for the quantification of    the generated environmental effects.
» Design of forms and routes for the safe and suitable transport.
» Neutralization of dangerous, political substances and regulation    for a suitable management of remainders.

Consultant of Environmental Management for Companies

» Implementation of clean production and power saving.
» Advantage in the handling of inseams, remainders, reuse and    recycling.
» Use of environmental norms like ISO 14000
» Qualification in dangerous remainders. Hygiene and security in
   the work. - Advising in environmental legislation.

Design of systems of control of polluting agents of the Air

» Design and operation of particles and equipment of gas control
   to fulfill the governmental norms.
» Supervision, analysis and monitored of transmissions and noises.

Grounds - Samplings and analysis

» Evaluation of contamination and processing for its recovery.
» Handling and conservation of protected areas.
» Prevention of desertification

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