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Design and execution of:

» Hydro-sanitary facilities for houses, industries, buildings, hotels,    hospitals, etc.

» Hydraulic facilities of systems against fires for houses, industries,    buildings, etc.

» Design and assembly of pumping stations, networks of water    supply and sanitary and pluvial sewage system for urbanizations    and populations.

» Residual water processing domestic and industries
   - Lagoons of oxidation: facultative, aerobics, anaerobic
   - aired Lagoons
   - anaerobic Filters
   - artificial Marshes

» Monitored for control of the quality of the water
   - biological Control of the quality of the water in rivers, reservoirs      of potable water and lakes
   - Control of the water contamination of agricultural drainage,
     run-offs, urban drainage and of industrial parks
   - Plants of water processing served

» Overhaul and evaluation as studies and designs of sanitary    engineering

» Processing of budgets and consulting

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